Lazeez Review


(The following is not a defamation of Lazeez Shawarma Canada.)

I had heard of Lazeez from the UW subreddit about a year prior to coming here. Interesting that I knew about what was considered “university culture” before knowing what I wanted to apply to the university for.

I heard legends about the lines that would leave your gastrointestinal system begging for mercy and the tumultuous rivers of egg-infused garlic sauce. In some sense, I think they’re perhaps a metaphor for the co-op experience at the university. A careful explanation that no matter how well you think you might be doing, you’re really just like a logdriver on precarious white water, of course with the dry (somewhat cardboard-like) fries on top of that god awful garlic sauce.

Regardless of what I think it stood for metaphorically, I had not actually had any, which felt unfair to my status as being a student here.

Well today I changed that. I purchased a small “Falafel on the Sticks” dish with tahini on top. Whatever I had was a particularly strange combination of food that involved my girlfriend (who was there with me at the time) to vomit what she described as “nothing much, just a few tablespoons”.

Maybe I’m missing something about what Lazeez stands for. The background and core values of Lazeez very possibly evade me, leaving me and my naivete all alone. Am I even a UW student considering my lackluster impressions of Lazeez?